In Epic Foods, we believe that change begins with oneself. We think we can generate positive impact in people’s lives and communities at the short and long term, and thus achieve a greater potential.

By giving our body and mind the best the earth has to offer, and by making intelligent choices, we can have a positive transformation in our community and the world.

Backed by scientific research, with a focus on functionality and nutrition, we have created our delicious line of Epic Foods for an epic living. Want to try them?


We are a family owned business that works with Mexican communities. We believe that by thinking locally and acting globally we can bring positive changes for our communities and the world. We hope you enjoy our Epic Foods for an epic living.



Our mission is to give our customers from all over the world foods and supplements of great taste and nutrition, ready for consumption and quick preparation, including healthy breakfasts and food mixtures, functional foods and supplements for habitual use. We are committed to invest in our employees, in our business and the communities we work with to achieve a sustainable, long term growth.



In Epic Foods, we are committed to reaching excellent financial results in long term while integrating sustainability in our business strategy, while leaving a positive footprint in our society and environment.



  • Intelligent Risk Our decisions are informed by research. We try new things and learn from our mistakes.
  • Transparency Information is shared openly and clearly. Communications are respectful, honest and forthright.
  • High quality standard. We value integrity, search for the highest quality ingredients buying them from local communities when possible and we work with high quality standards to ensure product quality and functionality.
  • Passion and Perseverance We persist in the face of challenges. We know this is a long term effort and we are continually researching and improving.
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